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Australia's Leading Hypnosis & Meditation Album Distributor!

Resonanz Recordings was founded in 2005 by Giovanni Lordi & Rick Collingwood. It was first established as a way to distribute Rick's hypnotherapy CDs. Achieving great success early on, Resonanz then expanded to also distribute other author's CDs, books, DVDs and electronic music. To date we now represent 20 different authors and over 250 different albums, books and DVDs. Resonanz is one of the largest hypnosis/self help/meditation distribution companies in Australia, distributing to over 500 stores nation wide as well as overseas. We are fortunate to have been the only company awarded ARIA Gold & Platinum record certification by ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association) for hypnosis CDs in Australia. In total we have received 2 Platinum (77 000+ copies) and 6 Gold (33 000+) certificates from ARIA for Rick's hypnotherapy CDs.

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Helping People SInce 2005!

Since 2005 our recordings have helped improve the lives of more than 1 million people for the better. Resonanz is much more than just a CD distribution company. Most of the albums you see here are designed, produced, and recorded 'in-house' by Rick, Giovanni and our staff. Every single title in our catalog we have made or sourced because we know it will help our customers. From simply relaxing with one of our many relaxation music or meditation albums, to undergoing a complete personal overhaul with our award-winning hypnotherapy programs, every single title you see on this website will make a positive difference to your life. If you are ready to embrace change or discover the positive effects that deep relaxation on a consistent basis will bring to your life, please begin by clicking the button below to find the program that will best suit your needs.

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