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Customer Reviews & Testimonials

M. Minikus 08/10/2015

PTSD & Anxiety (MP3 or CD) Rick Collingwood

Hello! I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your PTSD
and Anxiety hypnosis product. I found it on Amazon.com and have listened to
it every night for the past four nights, and it has really changed my life in
that short span of time. I was extremely depressed, angry, irritable,
unlikable, and constantly stressed out. I had recurring flashbacks and
intrusive thoughts that I could not shake. I hated myself, but I swear that
after listening to the introduction and the actual hypnosis, I have been
noticeably (by others) calmer and less prone to angry outbursts. I have much
fewer of those thoughts that provoked me to anger or hatred. In fact, I can
say that seldom happens any more and the most amazing part is that one day I
was beginning to have one of those thoughts where something that someone did
to me in the past that hurt me seemed to form and just DISSOLVE almost
instantly!! It was honestly as if the thought came in as a solid form that
just evaporated before my eyes. I'm sorry that I cannot explain it any better
than that, but please just know that I am deeply grateful!

I have tried other guided self-hypnosis products that worked a bit, including
anger management and emotional calm products, but nothing has had this impact
on me that I have gotten from yours. I asked the creators of one such program
if they would be releasing one for PTSD (this was before I happened to come
across yours) and the man who responded to my request told me that they would
not, that I should seek professional care from a licensed therapist instead.
Well, I had been doing that for years with no success. I was even prescribed
Zoloft and other SSRIs that did not help. I would highly recommend your
products to others in need. Please keep up the fantastic work and will always
seek out your products for any issues I want to address within myself as I
continue on my journey to be my best self.

Thank you again

CM 27/12/2013

Hypnosis for Learning a Foreign Language (MP3 or CD) Giovanni Lordi

Hi. Just wanted to tell you. That I have been listening to my current choice of your self hypnosis treatment programmes. They have been of tremendous help and I have recommended them to my friends. I find your voice extremely relaxing and identify with the language used. Anyway thank you. You have helped x C R

pearlinebullock 11/11/2013

Hypnosis for Learning a Foreign Language (MP3 or CD) Giovanni Lordi

Like - Like the part about the different levels Alpha, Beta, etc. Like the Piano and Guitar connection part. As a musician on the side, I like relating information to music. Like the read, write, and speak references. People from all over the world should benefit from that being in the track. Usually, people only want to speak, but now they have the opportunity to learn more, because of you. I always like how you get my mind to find the solutions in your mp3s.

Neutral - Love I have the word Love in English as a trigger already. I am learning Japanese and Spanish. Using the word Love in those languages is good.

Results - I have noticed an increase in speed pertaining to my ability to learn and retain new material. The Japanese symbols have been easy to learn since using the Learning A New Language mp3. My fault is that I don't listen to the track daily like you put in your Instructions. I would probably be learning even faster.

Ross 27/10/2013

Overcoming Phobias (MP3 or CD) Rick Collingwood

Wow! The "Overcoming Phobias" recording is my favorite at this time. I don't even think I need the "Addictions" one because this is doing it. Thanks for this. Really empowering.

Helen 27/09/2013

Unlocking the Abundance Code (MP3 or CD) Giovanni Lordi

Dear Mr. Lordi, I am so enormously grateful for your call on Saturday, you have helped me very much to start thinking differently, in case I had the money I would come to see you in person this week if I could find a flight and work intensively (even for just a couple of weeks) because I want-need to repeat to me what you told me cause I don't have any person close to me for this support.

I daily do what you told me focus to the future (the 3 questions and not ask whys) but I have my up-downs--nevertheless I feel somehow stronger and observe clearly my emotions-thoughts, also have strange anxious(hunting) dreams where things breaking up(mirrors,etc).

I hope I am on a good way on transforming my money issue and maybe more associated to it, I still have work to do and I am determined to do because I feel pretty drained/exausted and I want to change my life for the better starting from my finances. I look forward hearing from you, give my appreciation to Ryan, both have all the best blessings Helen.

Teresa 15/09/2013

Pain Free (MP3 or CD) Rick Collingwood

Hi John,This is Teresa from freezing Manitoba Canada. Thank you so much for phoning. I was on my cellular phone so it was a little hard for me to hear you.I do a lot of meditation, so I believe the Pain Hypnosis was effective for me during that particular dental procedure of having my braces removed.What caught me a couple times was Rick’s reference to Fibre Myelga (spelling?) I think a hypnosis specific for dental procedures would be wonderful.Take care and I hope your weather gets better too.It was a pleasure to speak with you.Cheers, Teresa

Rahela 08/09/2013

Enhance Your Intuition (MP3 or CD) Rick Collingwood

Your teleseminar has been a revelation for me and filled me with hope.
I have listened your hypnosis for 3 evenings before sleep now.
I have great interest in continuing for the time recommended....

With my very best wishes - Rahela

Ross Purviance 21/08/2013

Happiness & Self Esteem (MP3 or CD) - Rick Collingwood

Just did Happiness and Self-Esteem for the first time. Fantastic, thank you very much. I wish everybody would do these!

Ross Purviance


Daniel 17/08/2013

Hypnosis for Ultimate Relaxation (MP3 or CD) Giovanni Lordi

I live in the United States. I have purchased a dozen of Mr Lordi's CD's on-line and have been using them for quite a few months. I really love the soothing background music and the voice. Each CD has a unique introductory part, which is quite uncommon among the hypnosis CD's on the market. Each topic of CD shows that the author has done in-depth research in the area. All my worries were forgotten after listening to the CD's. I would recommend these CD's to anyone who wishes to improve their mental well-being.

Jim Petit 13/08/2013

Happiness & Self Esteem (MP3 or CD) - Rick Collingwood

I really love these products....I listen to both my CD's VERY frequently...throughout the week.....have been for months on end....thanks again.....Jim Petit/Marietta, Georgia, USA