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FAQs About Hypnosis & Using the Audio Programs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are the hypnosis CDs dangerous?

A. No definitely not. However if you suffer from any MAJOR mental health condition such as Schizophrenia, Multiple Personality Disorder, Bi Polar Disorder etc. Please inform your doctor that you are using the CDs.

Q. Can I use more than one CD at a time?

A. Yes you can, but it is better and more effective to limit the use to a maximum of 1 in the morning and another at night. Some people have reported success by simply putting the CDs on repeat, quietly at night, and then going to sleep.

Q. What are the subliminal messages on the CDs?

A. The subliminal messages on the CDs are short one or two word statements recorded just below normal decibel level and under layered in the recording mix. All of the subliminal messages are positive statements that are congruent with the title of the CD. It is not a requirement of law that the phrases of the subliminal messages be stated. It is however a legal requirement to inform any listener that the CDs do contain subliminal messages. Sometimes when there are no hypnosis words being spoken, if you turn the volume up high, you may hear a scratching type of sound below the Theta and F sharp. These are the subliminal messages and even though your conscious mind cannot understand them, your subconscious mind can unscramble and understand them perfectly.

Q. How long can I expect to wait before I notice any changes?

A. The time for the CDs to produce their effectiveness varies from person to person. Some people get almost immediate results whilst other people may not notice anything tangible for 2 or 3 weeks. The secret is to keep on keeping on, and above all to use the CD for the minimum period stipulated on track 1. Doing this will ensure a permanent positive change.

Q. Is hypnosis mind control?

A. No hypnosis used for therapeutic purposes is definitely not mind control, more so therapeutic hypnosis is about enabling a person easier access into their own abundant internal resources within their sub-conscious mind. People usually don't experience a biological sleep during hypnosis, many do however experience a transit from their left brain (the logical, analytical, and reasoning half) into their right brain (less questioning, more accepting side). Once consciousness is predominant in the right brain, then reality testing becomes much less predominant and the mind is more inclined to accept what it is told. There are about 20% of people, termed Somnambulists who are quickly capable of achieving a deep theta (trance) state at the insistence of a hypnotist, once this state is achieved the subject literally becomes like "Putty In The Hands" of the stage hypnotist.

Q. What happens if I fall asleep?

A. If you fall asleep while you are using a CD then your subconscious mind will continue listening regardless. In fact most users report that they felt the entire experience has lasted only 5 minutes or so, where in actual fact an hour has passed. Others say that they thought they had heard the whole CD but hear something completely different the next time they listen. This is an indication that the listener is drifting in and out of deep and light hypnosis.

Q. What negative side effects have been reported from people who have used the CDs?

A. There have never been any reports of negative experiences by any of the 700,000 plus people who have used our hypnosis products. The occasional has reported feeling a little "Out Of Sorts" in the initial stages of using a CD, however this is to be expected because of course any person is going to feel different if they have made a change or let go of a long held negative habit or emotional issue.

Q. What exactly is Hypnosis?

A. The best description of hypnosis is as "A Curious Detached Parallel Awareness". As people relax their critical conscious mind they begin to drift from the usual Beta emanating frequency of the conscious mind, down into Alpha (where you are when day-dreaming) then into the Theta frequency (where you are during vivid dreaming) and finally into Delta (where you are in deep deep sleep as your body locks up and begins to heal and repair itself).

Q. What about Hypnotherapy, who do I choose? A Doctor? A Psychologist? or a Lay Hypnotherapist (someone without a medical or psychology degree)?

A. Be careful when you choose your hypnotherapist, because if you choose wrongly it can cost you a lot of time and money for relatively little. A degree can sometimes be mean little in judging the effectiveness of a health care practitioner. All of the hypnotherapists listed on this web site have been trained in the competent use of effective hypnosis and also in the inducement of rapid inductions.