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White Noise Meditation

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About White Noise Meditation

George Baker is the founder of White Noise Meditation, and has been producing brainwave entrainment albums since 2000. As the name suggests, White Noise Meditation is a series of meditation albums that use white noise, embedded with binaural beats to achieve exact levels of meditative trance. The special audio techniques developed by George in the mid 1990's and after conclusively testing the recordings he decided to release them to the public. The series has grown since the first releases in the mind 1990's, and now encompass over 50 recordings and has been extremely successful, having regularly appeared in ITunes Top 10 New Age Albums list.

About the Programs

Each White Noise Meditation recording is centred around a specific entrainment frequency. By listening to them your brainwaves will begin to adopt the same pattern which as known as brainwave entrainment. Through this you can experience short or prolonged experience of exact levels of trance or consciousness. This is useful for different purposes, for example achieving a 10Hz Alpha light trance is useful for studying, whereas promoting a 3Hz Delta state is useful for achieving deep sleep. For more information on what each CD/MP3 does, please view the product page below.

Using White Noise for Binaural Beats

These recordings are different then other brainwave recordings because the white noise is used to create the binaural beats. Normally binaural beats are created through the use of singular Sine Wave frequencies, with a slightly different frequency in the right and left stereo channels creating the binaural effect perceived within the brain. George's techniques use white noise to create the binaural beats instead of sine waves. White noise, which sounds like the static on an untuned TV or radio, is a combination of the entire spectrum of frequencies which the human ear can hear. By slightly adjusting the predominant white noise frequency in the right and left stereo channels, it is possible to create a binaural beat effect. This is said to be more advantageous primarily because of the greater frequency spectrum which is more appealing for many people to listen to and easier to become entrained.