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Resonanz Recordings

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At Resonanz we not only distribute self help CDs, we also produce them too - creating specific titles using special audio techniques.

About the Recordings

These albums utilise brainwave entrainment and relaxation techniques. The initial reasoning behind developing these CDs was quite unusual - we had many people tell us that Rick's hypnotherapy CDs were making their children and pets become very relaxed too. Many asked if we could create a series for children and also pets, so we did. The main component we identified having this effect was the patented Neurosonic Frequencies on Rick's CDs, so we used these, combined them with some nice music and a heartbeat for extra benefit, and hence a new range was borne.

In fact, for the pet CDs, one day Rick took a portable stereo and a CD of his frequencies into a pet shelter, pressed play, and the result was amazing. Everything went quiet within 5 minutes. There was an obvious effect happening here that we further tested and developed. Although a little strange, the fact stood that the same effects pets experienced, young children did too, helping calm and relax them. The series was then expanded to help babies get to sleep because this was another key area that people kept asking if we could help with a lot too.

If you have a specific request for a CD for something particular, please contact us, and we can have a look at helping develop this too.