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Sound Bath Healing

Olivier Maxted founder Sound Bath Healing

Olivier Maxted is the founder of South Bath Healing, a Brisbane company that promotes health & wellness through their 'sound bath' sessions A sound bath is conducted with crystal singing bowls, didgeridoo & Tibetan bells to produce a harmonic, vibratory, & meditative effect over the listener/s. These are performed live or via the recordings Olivier produces. The effects from having a sound bath include a feeling of complete harmony and connection emotionally, mentally and even physically. This may also initiate healing energies spurred on by the resonate effect of sound in a therapeutic way and through meditative trance. In Olivier's own words...

“I am so grateful to have the privilege of sharing the Sound Bath Healing energy with so many beautiful and inspiring souls around South East Queensland. Because there is such a blending of different energies and intentions, each session is a unique event – something I really love."

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