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What is Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy?


Hypnosis is best described as a detached state of awareness much like a 'daydream' state. Although the different levels of hypnosis can vary, it is characterised by enhanced subconscious receptivity and functioning as a pose to our normal conscious state. It may come as a surprise to you that being under hypnosis does not necessarily mean that you are asleep. In contrast hypnosis is usually typified by a state of decreased peripheral attention and increased focus. Under hypnosis you are more open to direct suggestion.


Hypnotherapy is simply utilising the state of hypnosis for therapeutic purposes. When professionally administered by a duly qualified hypnotherapist, hypnotherapy can have some outstanding results on almost any type of personal affliction, be it emotional, mental or even physical. Hypnotherapy utilises the hypnotic state and the power of direct suggestion to form new patterns, behaviours, beliefs and systems at an autonomous subconscious level for positive change.

Levels of Susceptibility to Hypnosis

It is generally accepted by most major studies that the following levels of hypnosis are displayed amongst the population:

Susceptibility Level Population% Characteristics

Highly Susceptible (somnambulist)

10%-15% Very easily hypnotised. Can achieve a very deep hypnotic state very quickly and very easily.

Low Susceptibility

75%-80% Can take a little longer enter into hypnosis and may not be able to reach the deeper levels of hypnosis.
Medium Susceptibility 10%-15% Will generally experience a mild to medium level of hypnotic trance and may take longer to achieve this.

Stage Hypnosis

For better or worse, everyone has come across stage hypnotists before. Usually what you see is completely real and actually happening. A skilled stage hypnotist can induce a deep state of hypnosis within a suitable participant and actually make them do all the funny things we see such as "clucking like chickens". This is illustrative of the power of hypnosis to instigate true change in a person, albeit not for anything in particular except for entertainment. It is a shame that many people develop misconceptions and form negative opinions towards hypnosis because of this type of activity. This is a shame because it dis empowers the proven medicinal value of hypnotherapy and leads to widespread skepticism.