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Instrumentalist, Singer & Composer

Devakant was born in California and has always had a great passion for music. As a multi-instrumentalist, singer & composer, his music is a mysterious exploration into elements of world music, spirituality, ancient cultures and melody verses silence. He has mastered many styles of music including Gregorian chant, Indian Classical Music, the music of Zen monasteries & Tibetan Temples, and shamanic traditions of Central America. Having published 21 solo CDs, Devakant has creatively explored many musical genres. Each of his albums is more than just a collection of songs. They all transport the listener on a deep and profound journey to a very special place inside. This is what make Devakant truly special.

Musical History & Influences

At age 7 Devakant started playing the trumpet and by 17, he was also adept at playing the flute & violin. In 1973 he studied Western Classical Music & composition at the University of California, Berkeley. From 1978-80 Devakant studied meditation & Eastern Classical Music in India and at the Ali Akbar College of Music, California. From 1986-90 Devakant studied Indian classical Music under Hariprasad Chaurasia.

Live Performances

Since 1990 Devakant has extensively toured all over the world playing live performances and immersing himself in the cultures of the places he visits. Some of the places he has toured (and also lived) include Nepal, India, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Chile and Japan, where NHK-TV filmed a documentary of Devakant traveling in the footsteps of the Japanese poet Basho. This was a 4 part series called 'A Pilgrimage in Sound' and featured live performances in Zen temples and Shinto Shrines.

As well as being a professional musician, Devakant is also a very accomplished artist specialising in painting and sculpture. Just like his music, Devakant's art influences are very much inspired by his travels to different places and cultures.

In his own words...

I have had an on-going love affair with the bamboo flute for about 35 years now. I've had lots of teachers, ..and I still touch their feet when I am lucky enough to find them. But usually, I have to just content myself with being grateful, deep in my heart, for the lucky meetings I have had in this life. Its been a blessing.